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MaAmp is a program for mathematical treatment of data from video files. When a lengthy video of a stationary object is filmed, it contains more information about this object, than each individual frame of this video. If many video frames are averaged correctly, due to the noise averaging effect, new details appear on the resulting image that were not visible in individual frames.
  The main feature of the program is light amplification. If a video of a stationary object is filmed in a dark place, the video frames averaging allows to make it brighter. Another feature is the mathematical zoom: when a video of a stationary object is processed, a picture in a higher resolution can be obtained. However this feature is not elaborated well at the moment, we think it can be significantly improved.
  Besides that, MaAmp provides a motion amplifier feature: if a video of a stationary object with moving elements is filmed and processed, each frame is compared with averaged frame, and the moving elements are highlited.